A Word from our Chair to the community at large.

Our Chair Karen has a timely reminder.

Please make every effort to report incidents as most may go un-reported than those that are. This gives a false sense of security as unreported incidents involving personal or public safety may well be perceived that all is well and the streets are safe when clearly the reality is they are not.

As traumatic and as shocking as an event can be allow yourself time to process the event seek out help from supportive family and friends if this will assist you in getting clarity as its the information you report that will be invaluable.

REMEMBER you do not have to report it immediately on that day or the next day after that just as long as when you are ready you go and get it reported.

First and foremost K’Rd Community Safety is here to assist. Your safety and the safety of all is tantamount to us, we can point you to the right people to get the assistance you need at this time.

Karen has provided her private number as a point of contact she is willing to assist you should you require medical attention as to a hospital visit or moral support through this time.

Her concerns are mirrored by that of the group and are aptly summed up with her message to every one within the local community to

“Please take care and be safe.”

Karen Ritchie
Chair K’Rd Community Safety.

Up & coming meeting with members of community patrols New Zealand.

After a dialogue which was open between the K’Rd Community Safety Inc and the police area commander about police coverage the group has made some serious in-roads with regards exploring options for K’Road Community Safety Inc. We are about to meet with key individuals from the already established Community Patrols New Zealand and their continual community support of safety nationwide we will keep you informed as to the outcome of this very important meeting.

“A lot of work from a number of volunteers has helped us come to this point and K’Rd Community Safety thank you and our gratitude to all our supporters.”

Gerard MaryChurch
Secretary K’Rd Community Safety.

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